Promoting Just Governance

Just Governance Group works with international development stakeholders to promote just societies characterized by gender equality, respect for human rights and pluralism, inclusive and participatory democratic mechanisms, respect for the rule of law, and peaceful coexistence.


Who We Are

Our team provides consulting services to multilateral organizations, development cooperation agencies, and national institutions. We discuss a range of democratic governance topics such as:

  • Human Rights

  • Justice Reform

  • Gender Equality

  • Democratic Development

  • Conflict

  • Peace

We use our consulting initiatives as a basis for reflection and comparative analysis to talk about the topics of governance and development practice in our knowledge publications. As a private company incorporated under the federal law in Canada, we identify as an innovative social enterprise operating within the network and learning business models.

We are located in Ottawa, Canada where we also host university interns. Our office staff liaises with country network contacts worldwide.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to influence and contribute to the development of just societies by applying sound theoretical and practical knowledge to governance and justice initiatives internationally. We believe that a just society is characterized by its degree of:

  • Respect for human rights
  • Respect for the rule of law
  • Participation and inclusion
  • Gender equality
  • Constructive dialogue
  • Commitment to participatory democracy
  • Respect for difference and pluralism
  • Equitable wealth distribution and opportunities for economic participation

What We Do

We aim to build a multidisciplinary group of professionals from various countries that contributes to the development of just societies through its contribution to initiatives in good governance.

How We Do It

Our team aspires to:

  • Connect specialists to be able to provide consulting services from multidisciplinary and multinational perspectives
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity development among interested professionals and institutions to present experiences and promote collaborative internationalism
  • Support the implementation of collaborative development initiatives in partnership with a diverse range of actors and clients